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The leader in 3D innovation tech

Patented 3D algorithm creates glasses-free 3D for a comfortable viewing experience.


3D for Life is Theia’s vision for next-generation displays. Theia integrates 3D photography, 3D image processing, and 3D viewing to make personal 3D content possible. With Theia’s threal app and specially designed phone case, users can take 3D pictures, 3D videos, and see glasses-free 3D images immediately. Theia is also focusing on 2D-to-3D deep-learning to transform existing 2D content to 3D. Plus, the Theia team is collaborating with game engines and game studios to transform current games to glasses-free 3D games.

In the summer of 2015, Kos Lin, the CEO of Theia, and TH Po, the CTO, believed glasses-free 3D is the future of mobile displays. Together, they founded Theia, and after years of development, the company has developed a ground-breaking algorithm that lets consumers see glasses-free 3D easily and comfortably. The technology has even evolved to real-time rendering, so apps and games can be easily transformed to glasses-free 3D.

Theia provides cutting-edge 3D technology at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy creating and viewing 3D content.



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© 2017 THEIA All Rights Reserved.